So sad that these people are representing Bangladesh! I literally threw up after seeing this status by our honorable Miss Bangladesh.

Our Miss Bangladesh just updated a status on her public page (Not yet deleted). First, she just raped english grammar with the first two words “Don’t wanted”! And tar BF bole amar english bhalona!! Anyways, lets not talk about it..

The sad part is, our Miss Bangladesh thinks that Miss Bangladesh hoa manei social work na. Eita just ekta beauty contest. And okhane India theke ‘Sayed Alisha’ bole,

“Hello Miss Bangladesh ..
I am feeling so bad that Miss world bangladesh organization has crowned you .Firstly I really support you but not now after this ..
How can you say such a cheap words …?
For your kind information … Miss World is not only a beauty pageant ..its main purpose is to help the world .. do some better for the world ..and its really for Social work ..”

Couldn’t agree more with Alisha. India theke boshe amader Miss Bangladesh er ei obostha dekhe apnara may be hashchen. But trust me, she wasn’t the deserved winner!! Or BF onek politics kore oke banaise as he got a very big influence on media. We are really ashamed that this girl is representing our country and ruining the crown. However in our next contest we will make sure not to make someone win who has broken teeth with shitty IQ!! Thanks 🙏🏼

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